Cheeky monkey popsicles

We’re making a frozen treat you’ll go bananas for - Cheeky Monkey Popsicles. They’re healthy and delicious, but best of all look just like me!

Haddock fish bubbles! (fish fritters) recipe

Help our friend Lobster to make Haddock fish bubbles (that’s fish fritters for you grownups)

Wizard assessment form

Millions of children imagine they’re wizards. But can they get the job for real?

How to draw a budgie

A step by step guide on how to draw a showbiz budgie

Aunt and Uncle Medals

A charming way for kids to tell aunts and uncles how wonderful they are

Colouring Critique kids’ activity

Pirate and Dragon colouring sheets that give us a glimpse into the mind of the artist!

Colouring Commission drawing activity

Commission a picture from a child in your life and make them feel super important.

How to draw an Alligator

A step by step guide to drawing an Alligator holding an enormous icecream

How to draw a Dragon

A step by step guide to drawing a Dragon. Balanced on a beachball.

How to draw a Lion – step by step guide

Learn how to draw a juggling lion in this step by step guide.