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Seven times our teens truly out-teen’d themselves

Teens and tweens. They don’t come with a manual (more’s the pity) so when it comes to navigating the raging hormones and the accompanying mood swings, it really is every parent for themselves. Except it’s not. We’re all in this together and we can prove it. We have plenty of parents-of-teens here at Wonderbly HQ and, if you think you’re alone in being an embarrassing parent, think again. We could give you a list of inspirational quotes about teens to get you through these trying years, but instead we thought we’d share a few teen/tween stories that might just ring true.


“My twelve-year-old’s school had a non-pupil day, so he was home for the day. He invited a friend over, one we’ve never met before. I went in to say ‘hi’ and introduce myself to this new friend, then proceeded to offer the friend a snack and a drink. My son ushered me out, saying: “Mum, you just stole my thunder. I was gonna offer him a snack and a drink myself.” [Eye-roll].” ― Alli, Producer


“My daughter is fifteen and had been harassing me to take her to see her favourite band for months (let’s just call them Brittle Mix). For her birthday, I booked some tickets for her, two friends and myself to go and see them. Feeling like the world’s best dad, I was surprised when my daughter—initially delighted with the gift—looked at me in horror when it became clear that I was chaperoning the outing. Once we were at the gig, she insisted I remain seated with a coat draped over me so that nobody would see me. I watched the football highlights on my phone for three hours under that coat before emerging to drive them all home. I’ve never felt less appreciated!” ― Mark, Freelance Designer 


“The other day, I asked my seventeen-year-old daughter what I ought to wear for her parent’s evening. She looked me up and down and replied, ‘Whatever that is that you’re wearing now will probably be fine.’”  ― Jo, Lifestyle Publishing Director

Wonderbly Teens


“My twelve-year-old regularly disparages my music tastes: yesterday I was told that The Cure are apparently ‘not goth’, my lack of general knowledge about Metallica is shameful, and that I’m ‘just not metal enough’. Charming.” ― Elv, Senior Story Producer


“About a year ago, my three daughters (9, 13 and 15) stopped calling me ‘Dad’ and started to call me ‘Bro’. Mostly in the third person: ‘Is bro taking me to school today?’ ‘BRO GONNA MAKE ME THE PASTA?’ Bro doesn’t really know what to make of it.” ― Asi, one of our Founders

Wonderbly Teens


“My daughters are generally pretty teenager-y: they despair at my make-up technique, my skin care routine, my fashion sense, everything. But on Valentine’s Day, my eldest was late home and I was worried sick. I left the house to drop my other daughter off at a friend’s house, but when I returned, my eldest was home and had made dinner for me. Candles and everything. Sometimes they do surprise you!” Tessa, Marcomms Translator


“We told our fourteen-year-old that it was his Nan and Grandad’s 50th wedding anniversary soon. He immediately said: ‘Fifty years? WOW. That explains why they are so sick and tired of each other.’”  ― Dan, QA Engineer