Graduation advice by Wonderbly Staff

The graduation advice we’d give to our younger selves

Graduation can be a nerve-wracking time in any young person’s life. Whether they’re moving from kindergarten to Big School or from college out into the big wide world, a few words of wisdom can make a big difference to an anxious graduate. We can’t promise they’ll take said advice, but it’s there if they want it.

Here are a few snippets of advice for graduates from our own team at Wonderbly. 


1. “Don’t be afraid to take risks and experiment. And a “failure” is not a failure – it’s just an opportunity to pivot.”

― Alli, Producer

2. “Do not spend all of your student loan on partying in the first term!”

Kat, Designer

Graduation advice by Wonderbly Staff

3. “Don’t be worried if you feel like you haven’t got your whole life figured out before Graduation, things will come and go but you’ll go onto the right path at the right time, just enjoy yourself and don’t stress about the little things in life!”

Millie, Junior Content Manager

4. “Try not to worry if you’re moving to a secondary school where you don’t know many people. Making new friends is exciting and liberating.”

Kathryn, Copywriter

Graduation Theme

5. “My friends and I had a graduation tradition of making homemade ice cream on the last day of school. I cannot recommend this enough. Fresh strawberry ice cream tastes like summer.”

Mara, Senior Story Producer

6. “Don’t forget to thank your teachers! My maths teacher helped me so much in secondary and I was so sad I forgot to thank her and say bye. Luckily I ran into her in Tesco a year later and had the chance to!”

Niamh, Design Studio Assistant

Graduation advice by Wonderbly Staff

7. “Follow your gut and ignore what the rest of your peers are doing. My friends all ended up being lawyers or accountants and I went down the art route and am so happy I did! It always works out in the end.”

Becky, Creative Lead

8. “Wear sunscreen.”

Asi, one of our founders