Give a child a fairy pen pal

Give a child you know the gift of a fairy pen pal with this splendidly fun activity.

The Tiny Traveller’s Vacation Guidebook

A brilliant way to remember your next trip: get the kids to make a guidebook reviewing everything they see.

Power Pose Posters

Free posters that get kids (and grownups) leaping about the home to prepare for school (and work).

How to draw a (modern) princess

Will yours be a fashion designer, soccer player, or an astronaut?

The Great Summer Rocket Race

Head outside for the most intergalactic (and splashy) fun you can have without leaving the ground.

Blinkies bring kids’ drawings to life

An ingenious trick to animate kids’ drawings (or your own!)

Penny Wise magic trick

Amaze a child and give them a cheeky lesson about saving at the same time.

Swamp-pea soup recipe

A dangerously good swamp-pea soup recipe featuring a submerged alligator.

Napkin Calamity magic trick

Astonish a child with nothing but a napkin and your bare fingers

A bento box for active kids

Our friend Squid will show you how to make a super fun sport-inspired bento box.