Enchanted Ketchup magic trick

An amazingly simple magic trick where you will learn how to control a ketchup packet with your mind...

Jester Jokes

A free back to school activity that is sure to make a child smile. Simply print our Jester jokes and tuck them into a school book or bag!

Mermaid assessment form

Part of our ‘Fantastic Futures’ series, giving you a hilariously fun way to interview kids for fantastical jobs.

Party animals photo props

In search of a kids' birthday party activity? These party animal photo props are sure to get the kids monkeying around!

Banana Impossible magic trick

Amaze a child with nothing but a banana and a needle. Enough chatter, enjoy the video!

Veg-hogs recipe

Veg-hogs are a healthy snack idea perfect for kid’s birthday parties (when healthy sometimes goes missing).

Dot vs Dot: a collaborative drawing game

Half drawing activity, half frantic game. And it gets grownups and kids drawing together.

Gravity Slice magic trick

An out-of-this-world trick that gives children the power to stop gravity!

Personalised alphabet posters

Make a child feel stupendously special with this personalised gift. You can even add your own dedication.

Give a child a fairy pen pal

Give a child you know the gift of a fairy pen pal with this splendidly fun activity.

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