Wonderbly 2021 resolution

Open up a new chapter of reading in 2021

After a bumpy school year in 2020, you might be making new year’s resolutions to help boost your little one’s learning. Personalized books are the perfect way to supercharge storytime, as they’re proven to help kid’s motivation to read and learn. And at Wonderbly, we make reading really, really fun. (Promise.)

Here are seven brilliant books that can help you and your child stick to reading resolutions that are imaginative, creative and FULL of joy!

1. ABC For You

abc book

Best for: Learning the alphabet

Perfect for little learners aged 2 to 4, this colorful book is packed with personalization as they appear on every single page. Your child will discover funny,
silly and giggly ways to use each letter of the alphabet, ending with the most important letters of them all – their very own name!

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2. 10 Little Yous

10 little you book

Best for: Learning to count

Another book that’s ideal for preschoolers aged 2 to 4, this counting tale will make reading resolutions easy peasy! Your little learner will go on a magical journey with numbers, meeting 10 mini versions of themselves along the way.

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3. Your Colours

your colours book

Best for: learning the colors of the rainbow

Introduce your toddler to the magical world of colors. This kaleidoscopic book features your little one as the star of the story, as they discover themselves walking through a rainbow world, finding things to spot, say and learn!

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4. Where Are You…?

where are you book

Best for: Filling your child with ambition

This personalized search-and-find adventure lets your child discover different versions of themselves in alternative universes. They learn they can be anything – from an intergalactic vet, to a superstar scientist! A fun-packed book that will fill them with the ambition to achieve their goals.

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5. The Wondrous Road Ahead

wondrous road ahead book

Best for: Back-to-school confidence

Recommended for any age up to 8, this heartwarming adventure can be personalized with three qualities you feel matter most. With your child as the hero of the story, this empowering tale will help them recognize the unique strengths they have inside.

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6. Your Remarkable Rebels

remarkable rebel book

Best for: Making history cool

The history lesson where you pick the teachers! Choose from some of the most courageous and creative historical figures, including Frida Kahlo, Martin Luther King Jr and Malala Yousafzai. Your child is transported back in time, giving them a front-row seat to history.

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7. You Are Extraordinary

you are extraordinary book

Best for: Inspiring them to write, draw and journal

The world’s first EVER personalized self-belief journal for kids. This brilliant book will help your child unlock their amazing potential – through fun challenges, writing, drawing and more. Every activity has a powerful message: you ARE extraordinary!

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