7 sensational children’s books for every birthday

Celebrate a child’s birthday with a story as unique as them!

However many candles are on the cake, these unique children’s gift ideas are guaranteed to blow their tiny socks off – and keep them (and you) endlessly delighted for years to come.

1st birthday: Celebrate their name – Lost My Name

lost my name book

Whether they’re an Alma, a Charlie, or a Zack, every page of this book magically changes based on the letters of a little one’s name. A totally unique adventure that can be enjoyed for years and years and years!

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2nd birthday: Celebrate laughter – Happy Birthday To You

happy birthday to you book

It’s someone’s birthday… but whose?! Add a child’s name to the story, and watch each letter turn into a different animal! Each animal gets your child to act (or shout!) out a clue, inspiring giggles every time it’s read out loud.

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3rd birthday: Celebrate your love – I Love You This Much

i love you book

Show a child just how much you love them, in every moment of every day. This heartwarming story is personalized from cover to cover, for a keepsake that can be treasured for years to come. Cuddles guaranteed!

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4th birthday: Celebrate family – Happy Bonkers Birthday!

bonkers birthday to you book

It’s supposed to be the perfect party. But when the whole family arrives in fancy dress, everyone that can go wrong… does! Invite up to 7 family members and friends to this hilarious birthday story that will have everyone in stitches.

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5th birthday: Celebrate kindness – The Wondrous Road Ahead

wondrous road ahead book

What three gifts would you give to a child embarking on life’s adventure? In this empowering tale, choose the values you want a child to learn – from kindness, to respect, to honesty – and each one becomes a chapter in their very own adventure.

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6th birthday: Celebrate curiosity – Where Are You…?

where are you book

A search-and-find book that’s truly out-of-this-world! Featuring dazzling illustrations and intricate personalisation, send a child on a journey to find themselves in alternate universes – and teach them they have limitless potential.

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7th birthday (and up!): Celebrate courage – Your Remarkable Rebels

remarkable rebels book

Inspire a child to change the world, with lessons from some of history’s best! Choose three remarkable rebels for a child to meet in this immersive, interactive personalised adventure – from Frida Kahlo to Martin Luther King Jr. to Malala Yousafzai.

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