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5 books about courage to give them a boost

Learning how to be brave is a big part of growing up. We believe the best way to help kids overcome their fears, whether it’s visiting the dentist or defeating the monster under the bed, is with a story. Over the last ten years, we’ve watched countless kids find themselves in the pages of our children’s books about courage – and realise they’re capable of incredible things.

What we’ve learned (eight million books later!) is that something very special happens when kids see themselves in their own story. It sparks their imagination in a very real way, and gives them extra confidence to explore the world around them. So whether your little one needs some help making new friends, speaking up in class or finally conquering that climbing frame – their success story is just waiting to be written.

Read on to discover our best children’s books about courage.


1. Show them their future’s bright


Snacks? Check. Favorite rock? Check? Message of hope for a wonderful future? Oh check yes! Pack a copy of our uplifting tale The Wondrous Road Ahead in your child’s school bag, and they’ll be ready for anything on the journey of life.


Personalised Wondrous Road Ahead Book


2. Empower them to go anywhere – and do anything


Sometimes all a kid needs to hear is that they could be a multi-dimensional hopping archeologist one day. Unlock their potential with our epic search-and-find series, Where Are You? – and show them they can be anything in the universe(s).


3. Transform them into a superhero


Looking for a way to make a child feel unstoppable? Super-You! shows one special kid becoming super-fast, super-strong and even super-stretchy (yikes). But the best bit? This thrilling tale also teaches them it’s okay to be scared – and that there’s no greater power than super-kindness.


4. Remind them they’re one of a kind


Here’s a tried-and-tested wow moment to make kids feel truly special. Lost My Name is a personalized tale of self discovery inspired by the letters of a child’s name. Watch your little one’s face during the final big reveal – when they see their name in print, they’ll realise they’re a storybook star.


Personalised Lost My Name Book


5. Unleash their wildest dreams

As anyone who’s ever played ‘robot mermaids on Mars’ knows, a child’s imagination is all-powerful. Dared to Dream helps harness that magical power by showing kids that anything is possible if they put their mind to it. Even a mermaid on Mars.


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