5 reasons why grandparents love Wonderbly

We give every grandparent creative superpowers to make magical, meaningful connections with a child.

Personalised books can spark your grandchild’s imagination, teach them important life lessons, or simply make them feel special. But don’t just take it from us! Read some real-life reviews from happy grandparents, and find out why they love giving the gift of Wonderbly so very much.

1. More magical (and long-lasting) than any gadget

Forget tablets and gizmos with flashing lights. We believe you can’t beat the magic of a good bedtime story. Our books combine beautiful storytelling with clever personalisation, for a gift that grandkids will love for years and years (not just until the batteries run out).

Very special gifts to keep forever. The first book I bought was a few years ago for my granddaughter and it is still as lovely as when it was first bought. The children think they are magical.” – Niki

2. Super-duper quality

Our books are printed on thick, high-quality Mohawk paper, which has an elegant eggshell texture and is partly recycled – so it’s good for little hands, and the environment! And for a gift that’s even more enduring, our hardcover editions come with a lovely, glossy, sturdy cover.

You can’t beat the price for such a lasting and personal gift. Our grandsons love them.” – Karen

3. Includes a free personal dedication

Write your own special message to your grandchild, and we’ll print it inside your book for free. We think it’s an important part of reminding a child just how much they’re loved. And it means you’ll be remembered every time they pick up their book.

I particularly liked that as well as my grandson’s name I could add a personal dedication. I would definitely recommend Wonderbly books to Grans & Grandads everywhere.” – Deeyon

4. Easy to make

You can make a personalised Wonderbly book in just a few clicks. Just enter your grandchild’s name and WHOOSH! Watch the pages come alive in front of you. Plus, each of our adventures can be personalised in different ways – from the way your grandkid’s character looks, their personality traits, or even by adding other family members to the story.

I was very impressed with how easy it was to create a personalized book for both my grandchildren. I highly recommend it as a very special one-of-a-kind gift.” – Jeanette

5. Teaches important life lessons

Each of our stories is written to inspire boundless self-belief in little readers. Something very special happens when a child sees themself in a story being brave, curious, kind or courageous – it’s a positive message, told in an endlessly fun way!

This book is a great choice for those that want to inspire their young ones to be all they can be, and to embrace their uniqueness. This will be a book my granddaughter will keep for a lifetime.” – Vicky

Which book have grandparents voted their number 1?
Hands down, the most popular personalised gift from grandparents is The Wondrous Road Ahead. A beautiful tale where you choose the strengths you’d like your grandchild to carry with them for life. Lisa says: “I ordered a personalized The Wondrous Road Ahead for my newest granddaughter and absolutely love it! Beautifully crafted, and a delightful story that I am sure she will treasure throughout her life.”