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7 reading resolutions you’ll actually keep

The beginning of a new year is just like the moment you turn the very first page of a brand new book. It’s a whole new story waiting for you, undiscovered – with all kinds of plot twists and unexpected new characters just around the corner.  If you manage to crack open the cover on your commute, that is. Or successfully switch a little one’s screen for something that doesn’t swipe (iPad, we’re looking at you). Never fear – these seven reading resolutions will help you hit your bookish goals this year, and then some. 

1. Carve out a little bit of time every day (it’s all about routine) 

It’s not often that we get hours of interrupted time to kick back with a book – but it’s very tempting to wait until we do. Classic error. Building up a daily reading habit is the best way to brighten up those corners of the day when not much else happens. Whether it’s 20 minutes while you munch on a sandwich in the office and studiously ignore Eleanor from Accounts or a quick bedtime routine with the kids before you steal back downstairs to re-watch Desperate Housewives… every moment can be just a little bit more interesting with a dip into a story.

2. Create a regular reading space 

Cosy, comfortable nooks are the gold standard, but having any regular reading ‘area’ can help you get into the right headspace. Some people might read in a favorite cafe or snuggled up in bed, but we’ve known our friends to read while walking down the street (for safety reasons, we suggest an audiobook), strap-hanging on the Subway and or just leaning on the kitchen counter. It’s your rhythm, your rules.

3. Make it a social activity 

Reading is often thought of as a solitary pursuit, but it can be an excellent way to bond. Take kids to the reading circles at your local library and read together at bedtime – to show them how much fun it can really be. And for the adults? Book clubs, of course. Plus, there’s usually always wine. 

4. Read things that are actually fun 

We don’t believe in trudging through a classic just because everyone’s read it and you feel like you should, too. Life is short, and pages are long. If you don’t love something in the first 100 pages, pick up something else. When you’re reading things you actually like, you’ll keep reading them. 


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5. Try something new 

If you’re a crime thriller fan, pick up some literary fiction and tickle a new part of your brain. Know absolutely nothing about Mexico? Literature is the next best thing to travelling to the country itself. If your little one has that favorite picture book they always want ‘Again, again, again!’ don’t let that stop you trying new ones. There are so many worlds out there to introduce them to.

6. Put your own pen to paper 

Feeling inspired from all that reading? Then it might be the perfect time to try writing a few words of your own. It sounds scary, but it doesn’t have to be any good. In fact, it probably won’t. But the joy is in the scribbling, and trying to figure out exactly how that author managed to do that thing – or encouraging a little one to try their hand at stories or poems for the very first time. It’ll make books seem even more exciting, trust us.

7. Make a wishlist – and start ticking it off

Write down the things you actually want to read  – the best books teetering on your TBR pile, that prize-winning novel racking up glowing reviews, the latest TV adaptation on Netflix, the classic you’ve always wondered what all the fuss is about. Write a list, number it – and start at the top. You’ll feel great when you tick it off.

Reading doesn’t have to be long, boring or worthy. It’s the most fun. Start having some.


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