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25 wonderfully wise Happy New Year wishes

Whether you’re planning on bundling up toasty and warm to go and see some fireworks, dancing around your living room or playing board games way past your bedtime, there are lots of ways to say Happy New Year to those you’re celebrating with.

Maybe you’re being extraordinarily organized and writing some lovely Happy New Year cards before the big day itself? If so, you’re in luck. We’ve put our thinking caps on to bring you a few of our super-duper favorite Happy New Year wishes, guaranteed to kick the next 12 months off with a smile.

Happy New Year messages for everyone

From special teachers to your favorite neighbour, here are some thoughtful ways to wish them a Happy New Year.

1. Happy New Year! May the fireworks bang, and the lights shine, and the first morning of the year be clear and fine.
2. Happy ‘Don’t Forget To Change Your Calendar’ Day! Maybe this year we’ll finally get organi… *Oooh leftovers* Sorry, what was I saying?
3. Happy New Year! Let your pencils be sharp, your pages be crisp and your ideas too big for your head.

Happy New Year messages for friends

They’re with you through thick and thin, grazed knees and possibly terrible haircuts, so it’s only right that you wish them a Happy New Year in an especially fun way.

4. Here’s to another year of mayhem, mischief and magic with you, my bestest friend.
5. Happy New Year! Just think: we have 12 whole months full of brand new adventures ahead of us…the only question is: can we start the first one at 12.01?
6. There’s no one else I’d rather stay up late with than you, thank you for being my best friend. Wishing you the Happiest New Year ever.

New Year Dedication message

Happy New Year messages for family

They’re the ones you can always count on to wake you up, pick you up and never let you down. Here’s how to say Happy New Year, with lots of love.

7. There have been ups and downs and merry-go-rounds, what a whirlwind 12 months we’ve had. But to ring in the new, up late with you, I couldn’t be any more glad.
8. Happy New Year to the best family EVER. You’re the safety nets to my acrobatics, encyclopedias to my questions and head chefs at the hug buffet. Thank you.
9. Happy New Year to the family that always laugh at my jokes (even when I forget the punchline), join in when I sing in the car and always remember that food absolutely tastes better when it’s served in a smiley face.

Short Happy New Year messages

Left it a little late in the day? Worry not, we’ve got snappy greetings for when the clock’s ticking…

10. Hippety-hoppity-happy New Year!
11. Finally, it’s the clock’s time to shine. Happy New Year!
12. Have a sparkling New Year!
13. Pop the prosecco! Happy New Year
14. Here’s to 2023 and being whoever you want to be. Happy New Year!

New Year Dedication message

Inspirational Happy New Year messages

The new year signals lots of big thinking. Get loved ones in a thoughtful and positive frame of mind with some of these greetings.

15. Don’t look at how far you have to go, look at how far you’ve come. The new year offers fresh starts, oodles of energy and endless possibilities – jump right in!
16. Today you’re the oldest you’ve ever been, and the youngest you’ll ever be again… new years aren’t about giving things up, they’re about taking things up… like banjo lessons.
17. May you greet the new year with the wisdom that comes from yesterday, the enjoyment of today and the excitement of what tomorrow may bring.

Cute Happy New Year messages

Give a hug in word form with one of these heartfelt wishes.

18. I love you even more than last year.
19. There’s no one else I’d rather clock watch with. Happy New Year!
20. I can’t wait to spend the first, last and middle days of next year with you.
21. Happy New Year! I hope all your dreams come true, just like mine did when I met you.

New Year Dedication message

Funny Happy New Year messages

Show everyone just how hilarious you are year after year with one of these wisecracks…

22. New Year, same me, even more jokes.
23. They say what you’re doing on New Year’s Eve is a good indication of the year ahead… so here’s to 365 days of cheese, crackers and late nights!
24. *To the person standing next to you at 11.59PM* See you next year!
25. The only resolution I’m making this year? Not to make resolutions. Happy New Year!