Children reading a personalised Wonderbly Nursery Rhymes Book

Black Friday gift ideas for everyone on your Christmas list

It’s that time of year again. With the festive season just around the corner,  Black Friday can be the best time to pick up something for someone you love. If you’re planning your shopping spree for Black Friday, here’s some inspiration to get Christmas sorted – well before December rolls around. And that’s a wrap. 

For the kids in the family 

1. For the imaginative little one 

Send them headfirst into a roarsome dinosaur story in I’m a Name-O-Saurus. Add their name, personalize their illustrated character and they’ll transform into six different dinosaurs – and stomp and roar through the jungle with the most fearsome of them. 

Name-o-saurus Personalised Wonderbly Book

2. For the child who loves storytime  

Put them in charge with a  screen-free storytime companion. Yoto Player helps kids explore what inspires them through the power of audio, and helps their confidence to grow.

3. For the puzzle-loving kid 

Jigsaws. Jenga. That eternal game of Connect Four. There’s nothing quite like a puzzle to keep kids mesmerised (and away from screens.) Our search-and-find adventure Where Are You? puts kids in their own Where’s Wally-style book, where they’ll spot themselves in an array of dazzling spreads

4. For the coders of the future 

Get them started young with Coding Critters, an animal toy that’s powered by code… written by your little one. Coding for preschoolers? It’s real, and fun with a capital F. 

5. For the sports-obsessed kid

Nurture their first steps into sport with this mini cricket set that’s ideal for backyard or the playground. 

And for the (much) bigger kids 

6. For the one with main character energy 

Make an adult in your life feel like a star with The Book of Everyone. It’s a memory-making keepsake packed with frivolously fun facts all about their life – as if by magic. Just add their name and birthdate and… voila! 

7. For the person who’s always scribbling 

Beautifully crafted stationary that’s perfect for jotting down ideas, lists and anything that takes their fancy. Smythson notebooks are classic for a reason. 

8. For the stargazer in the family 

The Personalized Astrology Book is a zodiac guide like no other. Just add their name and birth date to create a stylish gift brimming with personalised insights into their sign, tailored affirmations and much more.

Personalised Astrology Book being wrapped

9. For the winter hibernator 

Warm, cuddly and… tartan. What more could you ask for when the weather’s getting chillier? We love these winning winter blankets from Tartan Blanket Co.

10. For the one with the sweet tooth 

Ethically produced chocolate that tastes as good as it sounds. Tony’s Chocolonely is a gift that’s an easy win for anyone who lives for the sugar rush.