The wonderful women of Wonderbly

This International Women’s Day, we asked the Women of Wonderbly for some very special advice

Happy International Women’s Day! Here at Wonderbly we’re very proud that over 50% of our colleagues are funny, clever and frankly fantastic women. As part of our IWD celebrations this year, we thought we’d ask these funny, clever and frankly fantastic women what piece of advice they’d give their 5 year old selves. After all, we’re in the business of inspiring a brand new generation of wonderful women!

Giorgia Chiarion, Art Director

“Keep drawing and don’t worry, everything always turns out fine in the end. Most importantly, stop doing whatever you’re doing and go and give your nonni (your granny!) a big hug”

Lucy Macfarlane, Marketing Executive

“Long, blonde princess hair is overrated! Your curls are lovely, because every type of hair is beautiful”

Paula Pintos, Customer Service Angel

“Listen to the thoughts in your head, even if it’s noisy around you – they matter!”

Zeena Shah, Design Lead

“Keep asking questions and drawing on everything. Oh, and don’t give up ballet because your friends say it’s not cool!”

Mara Alperin, Story Producer

“Spend more time reading, laughing, hanging out with the people you love and going outside”

Anne Thouas, Head of Awareness Marketing

“Put yourself in someone else’s shoes from time to time! Learning how other people see the world will help you grow in ways you never knew”

Marija Tiurina, Illustrator

“Maths won’t matter much later in life, so don’t push yourself too hard. Just do your best, and remember calculators are your friends”

Angela Newman, Customer Service Angel

“Stretch your wings and FLY”

Wise words from some wise women – we hope you all have a frankly fantastic International Women’s Day!