7 splendid reasons this best friend book is better than flowers

Come rain or shine, they’re there by your side. Let your bestie know just how much you love them with the gift of all gifts. Our brand new Ten Reasons You’re My Best Friend is a mood-boosting hug in a book.

She knows everything about you, from your favorite drink and lipstick shade to your most binge-worthy ’80s movies. She laughs with you till your stomach hurts and picks you up when you’re not feeling yourself. She’s the Monica to your Rachel, the Bert to your Ernie – she’s your girl, she’s your bestie! Ten Reasons Why You’re My Best Friend is the perfect way to celebrate all the things you love about your friendship.

Here are seven reasons why this fantastic personalized gift will have you both in floods of happy tears…

  1.     Every page is personalized! It’s all about your friendship

From way back to your childhood when you’d wear matching friendship bracelets to your favourite cocktails and ‘90s song lyrics. Every page is perfectly personalized with all the things that make your friendship priceless.

  1.     It’s the perfect pressie whatever the occasion

A heartfelt thanks to the friend who’s been there for you recently. The perfect gift for your bridesmaid who pulled out all the stops for your hen party. Or a gift for the birthday girl who’s got everything. This book has got it all.

  1.     Beautiful, mood-lifting illustrations

We’ve collaborated with the super talented Alys Paterson, an illustrator and printmaker based in Bristol, UK, known for her bright, bold and playful designs. Guaranteed to bring a stylish splash of joy to any bookshelf or coffee table.

  1.     Add a personal gift message or dedication

When your best friend opens their book, the first thing they’ll read is a personal note from you. You can either use our pre-written message or make it super special with words of your own.

  1.     A unique way to say ‘thinking of you’

This little mood-boost book will transform a crappy day into an awesome day for the friend who’s been going through a lot lately. Simply customize the ten reasons why they’re so very lovely, and… ta-da! It’s like getting a big warm hug in the post.

  1.     It lasts way longer than flowers

We love flowers, we really do! But why not say ‘happy birthday, babes’ in a totally unique way with a beautiful personalized book. It’s a gift they’ll cherish year after year.

  1.     You can make your book in minutes

Use our ready-made answers or write your own – either way, it’s an easy-to-make gift that feels totally personal to the two of you.

Who has made this lovely book?

We’re Wonderbly, and we’ve been making the world’s best personalized books since 2013. Since then, our wonderful stories have sold over 6 million copies in over 150 countries – and every single one of them is unique! Dive into our entire collection of personalized books for children and adults, and find your perfect gift today.

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