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7 reasons this gift will score you ultimate brownie points with your wife

Do you have the best wife in the universe? Of course you do – that’s why you married her! This personalized book is the perfect way to show her how much you care, and all the reasons why she’s your better half. How? Well, do read on…

1. It’s the perfect blend of funny and feels

We’ve packed this book with incredible personalized detail, and filled every gap with funny lines that will keep your other half gasping in wonder and laughing out loud, page after page. It’s a perfect blend of romantic and hilarious, that could only come from you.

2. There are eight ways to show your appreciation

The book is based on your wife’s unique qualities, so you get to pick the eight values you think reflect her best, from loving to kind to hardworking, and many more. Each one becomes a special chapter in her book, and shows her that all the wonderful things she does never go unnoticed.

3. It’s perfect for your paper anniversary

The traditional first-anniversary gift is made of or inspired by paper – and what’s a better use of paper than a personalized book, filled with loving details?! It’s a totally unique way to celebrate your relationship, and put a new spin on an old tradition.

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4. A gift that can only come from you

Her friends and family can buy her treats and trinkets, but this book is something that only you can give to her. It says so right there in the title: You Are The Best Wife Ever! And because you personalize the book with her name and special qualities, it’s a one-in-a-million gift, too.

5. Puts your everlasting love into words

Sometimes it can be tricky to express just how much your wife means to you (without whipping out your wedding vows again!). By filling this book to the brim with loving, personalized details, you can show her how deeply you care for her, today and always.

6. Create your special gift in seconds

Bet you think it takes a while to create such a meaningful gift, right? Nope! You can make your wife’s personalized gift easily in minutes. Just add her name, choose her eight special qualities, add a dedication message to the front page and pow – her custom gift is ready to go.

7. The more you read, the more you feel loved

Flowers fade and jewelry can go out of fashion, but this heartfelt, hilarious book only gets better with age. From the first ‘wow’ moment when your wife sees her name on the cover, to the incredible personalized details that she’ll still be spotting on her eighth… ninth… tenth reading – this is a gift she’ll treasure for years to come!

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