Help kids write their own catchy planet mnemonic. Zap!

My Very Easy Method Just Speeds Up Naming….

Ever wondered why you can’t remember where you left your keys last night – but you can recite the planet rhyme Miss Jones taught you in Year 2 without a moment’s hesitation? Well, that’s because of something very useful called a mnemonic.

What’s a mnemonic? And how does it work?

A mnemonic is a memorable phrase or rhyme that helps us remember something. Like, Never Eat Shredded Wheat (the points on a compass) or Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain (the colours of the rainbow). Clever scientist people say that mnemonics work because they use different parts of the brain – by linking up visual imagery, language and humour. And they’re even more effective when we make them up ourselves.

How to write your own planet mnemonic with kids

Get your pencil, paper and imagination hat at the ready! Then write a sentence using the first letter of each planet, in order. The sillier and funnier the better.

Just as a memory-jogger, the planets go like this:


Note for grown-ups: Poor Pluto isn’t a proper planet anymore. He got demoted to a dwarf planet in 2006. So forget that rhyme you got taught in school – and have fun creating a new one!

Here’s some we made up earlier…

Need some inspiration? Here are some from the Wonderbly team…

My Very Easy Method Just Sounds Unusual Now
My Very Elderly Mother Just Sat on Uncle Ned
Many Very Excited Monkeys Juggle Sausages Under Nicola
Mad Vikings Enjoy Making Jam Sandwiches Up North
My Vegetarian Eagle Mike Just Scoffs Undercooked Noodles

Make it super sticky
Every child learns differently, and some may find visual images easier to remember than words. If you want to encourage your child make their mnemonic even more memorable, ask them to draw a picture of what’s happening too.

Share your creations
We’d love to see what rhymes you and your little ones come up with. Share your planet mnemonics with us on Facebook or Instagram – and make sure to tag #wonderbly!