The best advice from Wonderbly mums

While we’re figuring out life, moms have always been there with a reassuring cuddle and a comforting word. Team Wonderbly share the best advice we’ve received from our marvellous moms.

Mom knows best. It’s just… a fact. Our moms hold our hands as we take our first steps, and help us navigate through all of life’s twists and turns. Here, we share the advice from our moms that has stood the test of time.

1. “Make sure no-one feels left out.” – Tom

From a young age, my mom always taught me to include everyone. If someone was alone at school, she encouraged me to reach out and make sure they didn’t feel left out. She always said that this took more character than being popular or hiding safely within a large group. I’ve lived by this my whole life, and it’s one of the reasons I have such strong friendships now. Thanks, Mom!


tom and his mom judy

2. “Make time to look after yourself” – Nic

My mom is a keen advocate of always packing a spare pair of knickers. More importantly, she always encourages me to take more time for myself – especially since having kids. She’s the person who reminds me that being happy and healthy helps me to be a better mom (and less shouty!)


nic and her mom 1987

3. “Always be your weird and wonderful self.” – Abigail

When I started secondary school, I had a falling-out with some friends and went through a period of feeling quite left out. My mom’s words of advice? ‘Keep being your weird and wonderful self, it’s a lot less effort than pretending to be someone else. Eventually you’ll find your people – and they’ll be the friendships that last!’ I’ve always remembered those words. She was right!


abigail and her mom heather in 1999

4. “Look out for other people” – Sushmi

My mom is extraordinarily kind – she always reaches out to people who are struggling and makes time to lend an ear. She will always find a way to help. That includes family, friends, casual acquaintances, even local pets! By watching her, I’ve learned how valuable this is. It’s no good to only think about yourself. We’re all in this together.


sushmi and her mom aru 1993

5. “Never stop going on adventures” –  Mara

This advice comes from my mother, who brought me on hikes even before I could walk, who taught me to pitch a tent and cook over a fire, who took me and my siblings on a 5000-mile road trip across the USA… and who read me books and told me stories of her adventures. Even today, you can still find me travelling – and stopping to climb all the good trees!


Thank you, moms. For everything.

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