5 inspiringly imaginative ways to find the perfect baby name

Five brain fizzlingly smart ideas for naming your newest arrival

Babies! They might begin life as ‘peanut’ or ‘tadpole’, but eventually they’re born – and they need a real name. One that’ll last them a lifetime. Where to begin?!

Our experience creating personalised children’s books means we know a thing or two about very special names. Here’s our guide to choosing the perfect title for your little prune. Or bumpasaurous…

1. Mother Nature

There are so many delightful names in the natural world – from animal and bird inspired names like Bear, Fox or Wren to pretty flowers like Peony, Lily and Rose. Maybe not Nettle – bit prickly.

2. Oh The Places They’ll Go

We’ve made books for children named after such far-flung places as Sydney (g’day!) Phoenix (howdy!) and even Milan (ciao, bella!)

3. Look To The Past

More traditional baby names are making a comeback – we’ve met a quite a few Enids, Arthurs and even the odd Maude in recent years. Hey, if it’s good enough for our grandparents, it’s good enough for us.

4. Pop Culture

If you’re looking for a name that will make headlines, there’s plenty of celebrity babies to inspire you. Whether they’re quirky or sweet, names like Apple and Romeo get everyone talking.

5. Wonderbly Customers

We’ve created stories for all sorts of remarkable children: Birthday Thief books for Brandons, Littlest Bear books for Lucys, and Kingdom of You books for all the Kaleighs out there.

These are the top five most-ordered names (what incredible taste you all have!)

  1. Olivia
  2. Emma
  3. Liam
  4. Jack
  5. Harper