A couple on Valentine's Day

11 Valentine’s Day date ideas

There are so many options for what to do on Valentine’s Day. We’ve been browsing around some online lists and noting down which ideas we like best.

We’ve skipped past the really obvious ones – dinner for two, cinema, walks in the park and so on. And everyone’s different, so we’ve picked a broad range. Maybe you like to go out and try something new, or maybe you’re more of a stay-in-and-get-cosy couple. Either way, here are some Valentine’s Day date ideas to help you make the most of the year’s most romantic day.


1. Sign up for a cocktail-making class

This one comes up a lot. A cocktail making class for two will usually cost somewhere between $50 and $100. It’s fun, boozy and you can just about get away with classifying it as educational.

Great if:

You’ve always fancied yourself as a bit of a mixologist

You don’t want to shell out a lot of cash


2. Snap up some concert tickets

Letting your hair down, dancing (or moshing) together and feeling that euphoric sense of being one with a group, united by a love of music? It’s not a traditional Valentine’s Day date, but it sounds glorious.

Great if:

• You’re a former crowd-surfer who’s been out of the gigging game for a while

3. Enjoy breakfast in bed

An all-time classic. Sneak out of bed early, get cooking, and then wake your partner up with a kiss, a “happy Valentine’s Day” and their favourite breakfast ready to go. Some wouldn’t call this a date, but we will. It’s a mini date. A datelet. 

Great if:

You love a lazy morning

Getting nice food without having to move an inch sounds like bliss

Breakfast in bed

4. Make a scrapbook of your relationship

This is cute – spending Valentine’s Day together creating one little book, containing all the little photos, messages and memorabilia that bring your most romantic moments flooding back.

Great if:

You have enough time to do it. (Scrapbooking is no quick task.) But if you don’t, you can get personalised love books from wonderbly.com that look as gorgeous and take only minutes to put together.

5. Take a road trip

This cropped up on a few lists we looked at. It’s not an obvious choice, but you know that saying: “it’s the journey, not the destination”? You know you’re right for each other when you can have fun just sharing a drive, seeing some nice landscapes and getting away from it all.

Great if:

You live fairly close to some beautiful countryside

You want some time alone that’s not at home or in a hotel

Date ideas

6. Get a couples massage

If you value relaxation above all else on Valentine’s Day, this could be perfect. Send the kids to their grandparents, lie down side-by-side with your partner and prepare to have all that pent-up tension kneaded out of you by a pro.

Great if:

You usually spend all day with your shoulders scrunched

You’re overdue some TLC

7. Read love poems together

We think this sounds lovely, but we’re bookishly biased. In fact, we even have a Valentine’s Day edition of our personalised poetry anthology, Poems For You.

Great if:

You both love poetry

You prefer time alone, over a big day out

8. Recreate your first date

We didn’t see this on many of the lists, but it makes so much sense. It could be a chance to revisit a special place and reminisce over how things have changed or stayed the same. Or just to talk about how you experienced those first, fuzzy feelings back when it all started.

Great if:

You want a fresh spin on a typical date night

You like getting sentimental and nostalgic

9. Try a tarot reading

There aren’t many Valentine’s Day date suggestions that focus on the future. But getting a tarot card reading together could be a fun and fascinating way to think about what lies ahead – even if you’re not the type to take it all literally.

Great if:

You’re into all things witchy and supernatural

You don’t want to drop a huge chunk of change on a Valentine’s date

You already got your partner a copy of our Personalised Astrology Book and they loved it


10. Fill your bedroom with candles

This one’s more of a temporary home decor idea than a date idea, but let’s run with it. Candlelit date night builds a nice romantic ambiance and has a real wow factor to it. If you can also set up a little restaurant table for a romantic meal (or a banging takeaway), then that sounds like an evening well spent to us.

Great if:

• You can make it a surprise

You’re confident you can do it without setting anything on fire

It’s been a while since you put in extra effort to create a romantic evening

11. Watch your favorite movies.

Pizza, movie, comfy couch? Sounds good to us. It’s cosy, relaxing, entertaining and inexpensive. If you prefer a night in to a night out for Valentine’s Day, then there aren’t many better date ideas than snuggling up and watching both your fave movies back-to-back. (That’s the movies back-to-back, not you and your partner – that would be ridiculous.)

Great if:

You have similar tastes in movies

You have vastly different tastes in movies, but find your partner’s love for their terrible movie adorable.



Date sorted then. But what about gifts?

If you fancy something a bit different (and longer-lasting than flowers or chocolates), check out our Valentine’s Day range of personalised love books.

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