Personalised Poems for You Christmas Edition being wrapped

How to wrap books for Christmas like a seasoned pro

Wrapping books for Christmas is one of our favourite festive activities. Just give us a log fire, a mince pie and some sticky tape and we’re happy for hours. If you’re giving books for Christmas this year (something original and conversation-starting like our The Book of Everyone Christmas Edition, perhaps) then permit us to help elevate your wrapping game from Beginner to Pro…

Get your origami on 

We found this absurdly delightful video on Pinterest and decided this is now how we shall wrap books forevermore (especially for grown-ups). We love the simple yet stylish paper trickery, plus there’s a little pocket to tuck a postcard into. Just add a few Christmassy words of affection and voilà.

Raid the garden 

There’s absolutely no need to spend lots of money on wrapping a book for Christmas. Pull on some wellies and scour the garden for spindly twigs, sprigs of rosemary and other rustic bits and pieces to adorn your parcel with. Sustainable? Tick. Free? Tick. Pretty? Tick-tick. 

Book wrapped using twigs and rosemary as decoration

Add a scenic postcard

There’s something supremely simple about a nice, square package wrapped in simple brown parcel paper topped with a postcard of a charming wintry scene. Low effort, highly effective. Our favourite combo.

Invest in (a lot of) twine 

If your ribbon pot is looking a bit sad, spend a modest amount of pennies on some basic brown twine to complete your gift wrapping. It’s inexpensive and really effective tied around all types of paper: from plain brown parcel paper to elaborate patterned wrap.

Book wrapping ideas: twine

…and pom-poms 

If you’re wrapping books for children, get yourself some bright red pom-poms. Sketch out a familiar reindeer’s face onto the flat side of the wrapped book, then finish with a pom-pom nose (and googly eyes if you’re feeling cheeky).

Paint your own wrapping paper 

This ranks a little higher on the effort scale, but done well it can be very, very cool. Get your paints out, then spread out a large piece of that handy brown parcel paper. Use the pad of your index finger to “stamp” multi-coloured Christmas light shapes across the paper. Connect with a thick, looping black line. Effective, no?

Stack ‘em high 

Particularly if you’re wrapping books for Christmas, this advent calendar idea might appeal. Buy 12 books, one for each of the 12 days of Christmas, and wrap them in a stack. Children can open one a day, which really builds that giddy festive excitement. If you want some Christmas book ideas, we’ve got you.

Book wrapping ideas