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10 baby names inspired by the animal kingdom

Naming a baby is a huge responsibility. You want something adorable enough for the little bundle of cuteness currently keeping you up all night but something that won’t make them cringe in job interviews as an adult either. It’s a tough brief. So why not take a leaf out of our book (in particular, our new book for newborns, When You Were Born) and borrow a little inspiration from the animal kingdom? 


Put your paws in the air for our top ten animal-inspired baby names!



Arthur is usually associated with King Arthur and his famous round table. But the lairds and ladies of old actually used this name to signify something a little grizzlier. Arthur is thought to have originated from the Celtic elements ‘artos’, meaning ‘bear’, combined with ‘rigos’, meaning “king.” You have to admit, Bear King is a brilliant name. 


In the same club as Robin (or Lark, which is gathering popularity lately), Wren means ‘small bird’. In 2022, it entered the Top 1000 Names For Girls list for the first time ever, so snap it up before it becomes too common. 


Rarely used in the UK, our friends across the pond (particularly those in New England) love this sophisticated name. It has German roots and means ‘brave as a wild boar’ which is pretty cool.


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From the Hebrew ‘D’vorah’, this name has a very industrious animal association: bumble bee! It carries connotations of hard work and lofty achievement. 


This one’s easy to guess. With roots planted firmly in Greek mythology, Leo means ‘lion’. Lions traditionally represent bravery, ferocity and wisdom. They’re also considered the undisputed kings of the jungle. 


Derived from the Latin ‘columba’, Callum is a unisex name meaning ‘dove’. A symbol of peace and purity, it’s a calming, serene name with strong Scottish roots. See also: Paloma, which also means ‘dove’!


Taken from the Latin ‘avis’, Ava means ‘bird or bird-like’. In the Persian language, Ava translates to ‘voice’ or ‘lively’. All good things for a little girl to have and be! 


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This one is adorable. Not only do twelve Irish and Scottish saints share the name Ronan, it also means ‘baby seal’ or ‘little seal’. 


Another name to thank the Greeks for, Delphine translates to ‘dolphin’. The French version of the name refers to the Greek town of Delphi, which was home to a famous oracle.   


Finally, this is an Old Norse and Old English word for ‘wolf counsel’. The name is associated with cunning and craftiness, but also bravery and wisdom. We like it!


So there you have it. A few names to consider when naming your little cub. Once you’ve named them, let’s hope somebody gifts them their very own copy of When You Were Born: a gorgeous keepsake book that celebrates the baby’s brand new name in the most adorable way imaginable.