4 fantastically fun baby shower games

What is a baby shower without some sparkling games and activities for everyone including the parents-to-be? Here are some fun guessing and naming baby shower activities to keep everyone laughing and having a good time at the party.

1. Thumbs up for Chum Prints

Chum Prints is definitely hands-down (or thumbs up) the best baby shower game you’ll ever play. The idea is simple, each person uses a thumb print illustration to describe a hilarious time they shared with mom-to-be. It’s super easy and it’ll have the whole room in stitches. Plus, each story can be popped into a scrapbook at the end for mom to take away.

Play it here

2. Good guessing

Right now, that little bump is a mystery to us all, so let’s make a few predictions. Simply hand out pens and paper and ask that each person writes their answer to the following questions:

Baby’s weight: (Chubby muffin or itsy bitsy?)
Baby’s hair: (Ball of fluff or a little baldie bundle?)
Baby’s due date: (Hmm… exactly how big is that bump right now?)
The baby will have their mom’s: (Almond eyes? Taste in chunky knits? Impeccable eyebrows?)
And their dad’s: (Big feet? Long nose? Unbeatable Mario Kart skills?)

Once you’ve all decided on your answers, just hand the paper back to mom and let the hilarity ensue. Ooh, and future prizes for whoever comes closest to the weight and date!

baby shower games

3. Contraction Consequences

A playground favorite, with a twist.

Everyone starts with a blank piece of paper. The story will start with the mom-to-be having her first contraction, and end with her having her baby. What happens in between is entirely down to her friends!

In five steps and with five little prompts read out at each stage, guests write one or two sentences before folding the paper, hiding their writing, and then passing it to their left for the next person to continue. A bit like this…

It all started on a ________ morning, when (mamma-to-be) felt her first contraction. First she called ______, who ____________.


Then she _______.


But before anyone could do anything ___________.


She couldn’t believe it when ______.


But right before she went into labour, __________.


And there she was, holding little ______. Just in time for ___________.

Those stifled giggles let out while scribbling away are going to erupt into full-volume guffaws when mom-to-be finally reads each story aloud to the group. NB, Ryan Gosling is a Hollywood actor, not a certified midwife.

4. Don’t Say Baby!

This is another favorite at baby showers, a great ice breaker for everyone. As each guest joins the party,  give them a blank sheet of paper with baby stickers (or something similar for keeping a tally). Once everyone has arrived, let them know the rules of play – everyone has to find fun and imaginative ways to say ‘baby’ without actually saying the word as it’s a forbidden word! If anyone is caught saying it, they get a sticker on their sheet. At the end of the game, the person with the least number of stickers wins a gift.

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