9 reasons this kids’ book will make your heart burst with love

How much do I love you? Let’s see…

Our book I Love You This Much is a beautiful and touching story, made for one special child. Parents and children everywhere are falling in love with it, but why? What makes this book so heart-burstingly special?

1. You can put your child at the heart of the story

This isn’t any children’s book. It’s a Wonderbly personalized book, which means it’s made especially for a child you love. Just add their name and character, and watch their book burst to life. A book bursting with love, just for them!

2. Finally, a book that expresses your love for your child perfectly

As a parent, the words ‘I love you’ never seem to be quite enough. This story lets you effortlessly show them how boundless your love is – more than all the shells on the shore, all the stars in the sky, all the worlds in the universe!

3. It’s the perfect story to add to your bedtime routine

There’s nothing better than snuggling up at the end of the day with your little one for storytime. With this story, they can drift off to sleep knowing how much they’re loved – especially if you haven’t had the chance to tell them enough during the day.

4. It’s a timeless story to last for years and years

The story travels across days, seasons and universes, reminding you how timeless your bond with your child is (even when they grow up!). And that’s a feeling that jelly beans just can’t buy.

5. Every page is a work of art

Our illustrator Siski Kalla spent hours hand-painting the beautiful watercolor artwork in the book. And there’s a twist – your child’s name appears in the illustrations too, as if by magic! Well, magic and some rather brilliant technology.

I love mummy this much book

6. You can add your own message of love, for free

A dedication page may sound simple enough, but here it’s a wonderful opportunity to add a personal and utterly original message of love for a child. Something to remind them every time they open the book.

7. Your child’s name appears an astounding eighteen times

It’s not just on the front cover. Oh no! We wanted this book to be much more special than that. So your child’s name appears eighteen times, woven into the story and memorialized in the book’s beautiful watercolors.

8. It will live with a child for a lifetime

Because the book is made for them and their name, every child and their parents will treasure it. Its uniqueness means it can’t be passed down to a sibling. It’s no novelty gift – it’s a precious piece of a child’s upbringing.

9. The book positively supports a child’s development

It’s lovely to be told ‘I love you’ – but it’s so much more than that too! Psychologists say it’s one of the most important factors to raise kids who are resilient, with high self-esteem and the ability to form positive relationships into adulthood.

As an extra bonus, we have the Mummy edition which is the perfect gift for moms and I love Daddy edition for fathers, a love story for dads.

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