8 remarkably royal names we’ve made books for

When it comes to finding a name for a royal baby, we’ve learnt a thing or two from making our magically personalised children’s books.

With everyone going bananas for the royal baby, we thought we’d give the royal couple a bit of help choosing that golden name. Over the years we’ve made millions of books for children with names of all shapes and sizes – and some contain a secret royal history more colourful than you might have imagined…

1. Albert

Lost My Name book Albert spread

No, not that famous guy, Prince Albert. We’re talking about Albert the Peculiar, who was the Duke of Austria in 1395 and son of Albert the Pigtail (naturally).

2. Alfonso

Hungry King Alfonzo

Ah, the almighty Alfonso the Slobberer, King of Léon. So-called because he threw the most show-stopping, drool-tastic temper tantrums.

3. Helen

Letter for the littlest bear name page (Helen)

A talented rabble-rouser, Helen the Tough remains the only female ruler in the entire history of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Girrrrrl power!

4. Ferdinand

King carried in chair

Ferdinand the Fickle was renowned for getting Portugal into a pickle. But also for deciding he needed a wee after he’d already left his castle, and then changing his mind once he was back inside.

5. Matilda

My Little monster name spread (Matilda)

Matilda of Scotland used to throw off veils put on her by nuns and trample all over them. But she’s not just a famously fussy dresser – she’s also the fair lady from the nursery rhyme London Bridge is Falling Down.

6. Theodora

Queen Theodora Karate pose

The daughter of a humble bear-keeper, Theodora rose from rags to riches to become one of the most influential Roman empresses in history. Take that, Cinderella.

7. Wilfred

The Journey home name in the stars spread (Wilfred)

Wilfred the Hairy was a 9th century Catalan nobleman and Count of Barcelona, and described by many accounts as a fabulously furry figure.

8. Zena

Kingdom of you characters

OK, so a bit of cheating. But who can deny that Xena the Warrior Princess rules?

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