Four ways our new book turns you into the world’s most brilliant storyteller

Bye bye parent voice. Hello whizz-banging storytelling wonder voice!

Our brilliant new book The Splendid Things My Voice Can Do is designed put even more fun into storytime – by magically turning you into the world’s best storyteller.

So the next time your child asks you to read them a bedtime story, banish those ‘not again!’ blues. Not only is reading out loud proven to strengthen your child’s language skills, comprehension and imagination – it can be a riot of fun when you both get in the mood. To help you out, here are some top tips from our new book to bring out your inner storytelling genius.

1. Say whatever the book says

As an adult reading to a child, the rule is YOU HAVE TO READ EVERY WORD. Even if the words say Oink! Or Moo! Or Quack! No excuses. No skipping because you feel silly. That’s the rule. (We won’t penalise you for some creative ad libbing though…)

2. Dial up the sound effects

Get in character and embrace the silly voices. Make a funny noise. Clap, holler, cheer – whatever you feel will bring the words off the page and make them larger-than-life. These sound effects will make your little one feel like they’re inside the story.

3. Don’t rush it

Savour every word you read out loud, like you’re chewing a tasty mouthful of toffee. By slowing down the pace of your reading, your child gets longer to grasp and learn each word. You could also add a dramatic pause here and there for extra….


4. Have fun!

Enthusiasm is infectious. When you’re excited about what you’re reading, your child will be too. And when they’re excited about reading loud, it feeds their appetite for reading on their own. Everyone’s a winner!

Effortlessly elevate your storytelling skills with our new book

Full of silly sounds, riotous rhyme and tongue-twisting fun, The Splendid Things My Voice Can Do is a story all about your voice – designed to make you the most awesome storyteller, ever!

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