Can your child pass the Unicorn Driving Test?

Check magic mirrors then pull away…

The very things that make unicorns so lovable (frisky spirit, incessant daydreaming) can make them a bit of a challenge under the reins. Help your little one get their very first licence with this official Unicorn Driving Test.

Download Unicorn Driving Test

unicorn driving test game

You’re setting off for school—or the toy shop, or Grandma’s house—on your trusty unicorn. But woah there! Have you fed Hoofy the right ice cream? Have you checked his sparkle levels? Combining theory and practice, this test of enchanted equestrianism is a super fun and silly way to spend an hour.

unicorn driving test form

Little drivers will be asked to demonstrate their knowledge of unicorn shoes, Rainbow Highways, emergency stops and more. Grownup instructors can guide them through colouring-in, multiple choice and practical tests (living room gallops) with our simple quiz paper.


At the end of the test, the newly-qualified driver gets a jazzy licence to show their friends (and unicorn-hire companies). You may now begin.

unicorn driving licence

Download Unicorn Driving Test

We’re Wonderbly. When we’re not promoting safe horsemanship we make very special, personalized children’s books. And if your child has a U in their name, they might just meet a magical one-horned friend.