Make your own Sock Puppet Family Selfie

First, tell everyone to go get one of their socks (preferably clean) and decorate it to look just like them. You can be creative with props: felt moustaches, lettuce hair, pipe-cleaner spectacles. When your sock family’s ready, check that you can all recognise who’s who.

If you like, make a cardboard frame—and draw on some woodgrain if you’re feeling artsy. Then huddle everybody together, strike a pose and snap your selfie. (Little socks can take turns holding the frame in their mouth.) Try on a few different poses: giggling socks, whispering socks, socks that forgot to look at the camera.

4 hands edit

Once you’re happy with your portrait, why not post it on Facebook, have it blown up and hung above the fireplace or even use it for your family Christmas cards…