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Frog mail

Feeling mischievous?

Imagine a child you know opening their front door to discover a tiny lily pad envelope. Inside the envelope is an even tinier letter, from a curious frog looking for a pen pal…

Frog Pen Pal doorstep

Welcome to Frog Mail, another creative activity for grownups and children from Wonderbly. It’s a splendidly silly way to inject a bit of wonder and imagination into a child’s life, and a bit of fun into yours. They’ll start a correspondence with an unlikely character, but where the story goes is up to the two of you.

Frog pan pal letter

The fun is in the letters the child and frog exchange, and the relationship that develops. We’ve written some for you, but it can be more fun if you start to reply yourself. Whatever you decide, you’ll find some templates below for you to print and play with.

Frog Mail letters


Download the templates Print instructions