12 animals you can make with a toilet roll

The animals went in tube by tube

At Wonderbly, we love to dream up new characters. Cuddly, scary, tiny, tall—you name it, we’ve tamed it. So without further ado, here are 12 rather cute creatures you can craft at home with nothing other than a toilet roll, some paint and a bit of imagination. Right then…

Zoo Roll

All you need

  • Toilet roll tubes
  • Scissors
  • Craft knife (for the more fiddly ones)
  • Paints
  • Paintbrush
  • A roaring imagination

Meet the Zoo Rolls!

Giraffe toilet paper

1. Gemma the Giraffe

Giraffes are the tallest toilet-roll mammal in the world. They can stand within half an hour of being born. Gemma likes to reach up and eat the leaves from your potted plants.

Crocodile toilet paper

2. Arnold the Alligator

The alligator is a reptile of the Lavatoris Crocodylia family. How is Arnold different from a crocodile? His snout is wide and rounded (and he’s made of card).

rhino toilet paper

3. Radcliffe the Rhino

Radcliffe originates from the plains of southern Asia. He can grow to more than 8 cm tall, and likes to use his horn for bursting balloons.


snake toilet paper

4. Sssusan the Snake

Sssusan has a joke she’d like to tell you.

Q: What does a snake pirate say?
A: Slither me timbers!

owl toilet paper

5. Ollie the Owl

The toilet-roll owl’s feathers help it blend into its environment. Ollie is an owlet. When he grows up he wants to be on America’s Got Talons.

toucan toilet paper

6. Toby the Toucan

Toby is a toco toucan, native to South America. Toucans use their banana beaks to peel fruit, their main source of food (other than potato chips).

panda toilet paper

7. Pam the Panda

Pam is the newest addition to our mini zoo, so she’s a bit shy. In her spare time she enjoys swimming and uploading videos of herself to YouTube.


penguin toilet paper

8. Emperor Petrov the Penguin

Emperor Petrov lives in the Southern Hemisphere of the bathroom. His favourite karaoke song is “I Believe I Can Fly”. You can see him doing the moves in his photo.

lion toilet paper

9. Lisa the Lion

Unlike other cats, lions are very sociable and live in groups called prides. Lisa is skilled at hunting large mammals such as cardboard zebra and actual wildebeest.

elephant toilet paper

10. Ezra the Elephant

Ezra the Elephant packed his trunk and said goodbye to the circus. Lucky for us. He’s super helpful with the vacuuming.


monkey toilet paper

11. Maeve the Monkey

Meet Maeve, the ninth animal of the Chinese zodiac. She’s less of a party animal than she used to be, but she does love a good monkey bar.

zebra toilet paper

12. Zane the Zebra

Contrary to popular belief, a zebra is not a toilet-roll horse with stripes painted on. Zane is from Africa, and his cousin Marty starred in the animated film Madagascar.