7 sensational children’s gifts for every occasion

Get first prize for presents with these 7 unique gift ideas

Whatever the occasion, these unique children’s gift ideas are guaranteed to blow their tiny socks off – and keep them (and you) endlessly delighted for years to come.

1. The Christening

6. For baby shower - LLB

InA Letter For The Littlest Bear, you can introduce the newest arrival to their family, bear by bear. Add up to 9 furry family members for a child to meet in this adorably personalised story, which finishes with a special letter written by you. Cuddles guaranteed.

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2. The Birthday

5. For birthdays - TBT

What could be more marvellous on your birthday, than an entire book about your birthday! InThe Birthday Thief, enter a child’s birth date and be amazed as the story and characters magically change around them.

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3. The First Day of Nursery

8. When you're starting school - LMN (learning your letters)

Helping a little one learn the alphabet is as easy as A, B, C withMy Little Monster Name. This toddler-friendly book transforms each letter of a child’s name into a mischievous monster, and every page is jam-packed with fun things to find

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4. The First Day of School

1. Christening- LMN

InThe Little Boy Or Girl Who Lost Their Name, a child must bravely venture on a fantastical quest to find the letters of their name. What better way to get them brimming with self-confidence for the adventure of their first day of school?

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5. The New Home

7. When you're moving house - TJH

An out-of-this-world adventure to make any child feel right at home.The Incredible Intergalactic Journey Home takes a kid all the way from outer space to their front door – and even features a real satellite image of their new neighbourhood!

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6. The Chocolate-less Easter Gift

2. Chocaholic- MGT

Looking for an Easter gift that takes more than five seconds to devour? My Golden Ticket is a deliciously devised adventure that takes a child on a personal tour around Willy Wonka’s factory, culminating in their very own unique Wonka bar. Just don’t try to eat it…

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7. The ‘Just Because We Love You’

9. Just because we love you

Sometimes, the best gifts are the ones we least expect. If you want to show a child just how much they are loved, Kingdom Of You is a book bursting with all their favourite things. Enter a kid’s name, decide what to fill their Kingdom with… and watch as the pages magically come alive.

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