5 (FREE!) playful printables to help creative kids survive lockdown!

Spending more time inside this winter? Get creative!

Wild tales and survival tips: meet children’s author Teddy Keen

We talk to Teddy about why kids need to be encouraged to roam, and relive our own childhood fantasies in his compendium The Lost Book of Adventure.

Junior Toy Genius – we have a winner!

The competition where we ask kids to come up with bananas designs for a new toy. Then we pick a winner and actually make it, for real.

Junior Toy Genius

Has your little one got a limitless imagination? Then they might just have what it takes to win our Junior Toy Genius competition.

Boost your little one’s confidence with Little Lunch Boosts

Because sometimes we all need a little bit of encouragement to get through the day.

The Rainbow Teleportation magic trick

Well colour me baffled! Make your crayons do something they've never done before with our latest Tiny Magic trick.

Teach kids about static electricity

Get a science lesson from Negative Jellyfish and Neutral Sheep. Baaah.

The app that brings Halloween drawings to life

Breathe supernatural life into kids’ Halloween drawings of pumpkins, ghosts and haunted houses.

Give your kid a tarantula pen pal

A micro pen pal of scarily fun proportions. Meet Webster, the curious tarantula who's keen to chat.

Can your child pass the Unicorn Driving Test?

Help your little one get the best out of their unicorn with our hilariously silly (and highly official) test.