Shh! Our Wonderbly parents share their top sleep tips

bedtime for name

Getting little ones to sleep. Nightmare, right? If you’re in sore need of some Zzzzs, check out these top tips from Wonderbly parents who’ve been there, done that, and awoken to tell the tale.

Charissa Welkie, Head of Angels

“Take advantage of the time together, and the quiet! When they were babies we nursed or rocked them to sleep, and as toddlers/preschoolers we did story time, then sat with them until they fell asleep. Happy bedtimes for them, and a great way for us adults to to enjoy 15 minutes of calm and quiet at the end of the day!”

Despina Stacey, Customer Support Angel

“White noise and relaxation sound apps. Loads of them available – and they’re just as therapeutic for parents too!”

Angela Newman, Sales Angel

“Being as calm and relaxed as you can within yourself and not trying to hurry things; it’s important to leave the day’s stresses and issues out of your mind. Mine had a pretty fixed routine with hot milk with honey and a story.”

Candice Latchman, Finance Analyst

“Our routine is the three Bs: Bath, Book, Bed! We usually read two to three books – all with a goodnight theme.”

Ewa Barska, Finance Analyst

“We have a nice bath, then we read a book or two, then we cuddle. I sing a lullaby or two, then baby gets put down into her bed. I leave the room and baby falls asleep by herself in a few minutes with her fave teddy and dummy at hand.”

Lauren Osborn, Customer Support Angel

“We sing Stay Awake from Mary Poppins – it actually really does make them fall to sleep really fast! My boy practices phonics and books brought home from school. My girl likes princess songs… we sing one for 20 seconds and she has to guess which Disney princess movie it’s from :)”

Rob Watts, Vice President Engineering

“The shush pat method. It was hard to do with newborn twins – but saved our sanity in the end!”

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