11 parenting cartoons that are hilariously accurate

Comic relief

No one makes us feel a full gamut of emotion in a single day the way our kids do. But no one leaves us trembling with stifled laughter so often either. Lucky for everyone, their comic timing only gets better as the years go on. (Promise!) Check out these 11 moments that have left us using the cry-laugh emoji, well, a lot.


1. When the cycle continues, one happy snap at a time

Parenting Cartoon 1

2. When the conversation just…flows

Parenting Cartoon 2

3. When their bladder becomes your sworn nemesis

Parenting Cartoon 3

4. When their obsession takes a sudden (but somehow predictable) U-turn

Parenting Cartoon 4

5. When you change the story at least twice a day

Parenting Cartoon 5

6. When they crack your Amazon password with zero effort

Parenting Cartoon 6

7. When you can (almost) claim they’re a genius

Parenting Cartoon 7

8. When NYE stands for ‘Not Your Evening’

Parenting Cartoon 8

9. When your plan to give them creative freedom backfires…again

Parenting Cartoon 9

10. When you’ll do anything to get them to eat a vegetable

Parenting Cartoon 10

11. When you convince them of your legendary status with an impossibly personalized book

Parenting Cartoon 11