Printable family reading challenge

It’s time to shake up your reading routine with our free printable reading activity (give it a really good shake until all the boring stories and dusty old bookmarks fall out). 

A bit like reading bingo, our Really Whacky Read-O-Meter activity has different challenges for you and your little ones to complete to discover new places and ways to read. Reading a book is marvelous. Reading a book in a fort is marvelously magical. Once you complete all the challenges you can reward yourselves with a treat as a family (book themed, of course).

What to do:

Step 1: Download and print out your Read-O-Meter worksheet.

family reading activity sheet

Step 2: Stick it somewhere nice and visible like the fridge (move aside, finger-painting masterpieces).

Step 3: Decide on a family prize together and fill in your ticket. Rewards could be things like a visit to a local bookshop to buy a new book or a special book-themed tea party.

Step 4: Every time you complete a challenge, your little bookworm can color in a section until they reach the top. You can do a challenge each day to complete it in a week or take a bit more time if you need to.

Bonus: We’ve added some extra reward tickets so you can make up your own reading challenges too.

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