11 tiny magic tricks to astonish kids at home

It might not feel very magical being cooped up indoors. But we’ve got some amazing ways to inject some magic into the day-to-day. You don’t need a wand and a cape. Just some pencils, old coins, plastic bottles, and other assorted everyday objects. Oh! And your best magician voice. Wonderium… magicosa!

1. Rainbow teleportation

How to make a rainbow – in an instant.

Have a go!

rainbow teleportation header

2. Enchanted ketchup

Make the ketchup move… all by itself!

Easy squeezy

Tiny Magic Ketchup Image

3. Banana impossible

A pre-sliced banana?! Impossible! Or is it…?

Reveal the trick

banana impossible

4. Gravity-defying plastic bottle

The trick you can recycle again, and again, and again.


gravity plastic bottle

5. Coin trick

Turn an ordinary book… into a magical coin-multiplying book!


pennies header

6. Napkin calamity

How do you put a ripped-up napkin back together again?

Find out!

napkin header

7. Boo finger

A frightfully fun trick that you can play all year round!

Make some magic

boo header

8. Instant ice

Perfect for when you’re craving a cool drink on a sunny day.

Learn how to do it!

ice header

9. Give a child a fairy pen pal

Print these enchanting free letter templates, to make your little one’s day.

Download templates

fairymail header

10. Wizard assessment form

You’ve proved that you’re a wizard. But do your kids have what it takes?! Find out with this free downloadable test!

Take the test


11. Magically make them the hero of their own story!

Did you know you can read all our personalized children’s books for free on our website? Just grab your tablet (or phone or laptop) and load one up, for the most magical bedtime story ever.

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