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9 ways to beat the stay-at-home boredom blues

There’s a whole amazing world of inspiration to be found, right here at home… so let’s celebrate home, and everything it means to us! Our team has put together their favorite free activities to cheer up bored kids and keep them (and you!) from climbing the walls. We hope we can spread a little wonder and magic into your lives right now, whatever new shape it has taken.

Here we go…

1. Turn those empty toilet paper rolls into… zoo rolls!

toilet roll animals
Get making

2. Make a keepsake about all their favorite places

home sign
This way…

3. Make a super DIY space rocket to play inside!

DIY space rocket
Lift off!

4. Make a Glow Home lantern to remind them of the safety of home

glow lantern
Home sweet home

5. You might not be driving around in your car as much… but can they pass their unicorn driving test?!

unicorn driving test
Yay or neigh?

6. Boost their spirits with these free printable Power Pose posters!

power poses
Feel awesome

7. Give your kids a (cartoon) tarantula pen pal

pen pals tarantula
Incy wincy…

8. Olympics canceled? No problem! Play Pirate Olympics at home

pirate olympics

9. Read them a story all about them

personalized books
Any of our stories can be read from front to back for free. Just enter your child’s name, go to the online preview, and snuggle up with your tablet (and little human) for the most magical storytime ever.
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