Seven best kids’ books to read this summer

Summer reads 2020

With holiday plans up in the air, we can all do with a bit of escapism right now. We’ve picked our favorite summer books for kids that feature magical worlds to escape to – from parallel universes to fantasy kingdoms to prehistoric times. And the best bit is: they’re all personalized for your child! So what are we waiting for? Let’s dive in.

1. You and The Beanstalk


Send your child up their very own beanstalk. This modern take on the classic fairytale is full of all the traditional magic beans and fee-fi-fo-fums. But in this version, the giant smells something beginning with… every single letter of your child’s name! There’s also a gloriously gastronomic twist at the end. What is it, you cry? Well, there’s only one way to find out! (Psst! Best for kids aged 3 to 6.)

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2. Lost My Name


One night, your child wakes to find… their name has vanished! And a mysterious rainbow road has appeared under their bed. They follow it to a magical new land, full of curious characters to meet. Each character begins with a letter of your child’s name, leading to an eye-poppingly glorious reveal at the end! (Psst! Best for kids ages 0 to 8.)

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3. Where Are You…?


What did you want to be when you grew up? In this search-and-find book, your child can explore that very question. How? By spotting different versions of themselves in alternate universes! From intergalactic hospitals to archaeological sites, kids (and grown-ups) can get totally absorbed in each world’s dazzling detail. (Psst! Best for kids aged 4 to 10.)

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4. Where Are You…? The Journey Through Time


Know a little history buff? In the sequel to our bestselling look-and-find book, you can send them back in time to solve all sorts of brain-twistingly brilliant puzzles. Can they stop the evil time-traveling pigeon Professor Colombus from scuppering mankind’s greatest achievements? Of course, they can! (Psst! Best for kids aged 4 to 10.)

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5. Kingdom of You


Turn your child into a king or queen in this rip-roaring adventure. When a sock genie grants your child three wishes, they get to fill a fantasy kingdom with all their favorite things. Pizza… princesses… superheroes… ice cream… you choose! But as with all genies, there’s a catch: you better be careful what you wish for. That’s all we’re saying… (Psst! Best for kids aged 3 to 10.)

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6. 10 Little Yous


Take a toddler on an enchanting counting adventure from 1 to 10… spotting mini versions of themselves along the way! They’ll travel to lots of different lands, from the jungle to outer space, to learn their numbers in the most magical way ever. (Psst! Best for kids aged 0 to 3.)

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7. The Wondrous Road Ahead


An empowering story that prepares your child for the greatest adventure of all: real life. Choose three Trustworthy Tools you’d like a child to carry with them on their journey, from bravery to honesty to kindness. And then watch as each one becomes a chapter in their unique story. (Psst! Best for kids aged 0 to 8.)

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