Wizard assessment form


Kids love roleplaying and this is a fun way for you to get involved. ‘Assess’ them with this activity sheet and if (when!) they get the job, they’ll have a special certificate to keep on the wall. Just make sure you sign to make it, you know, official.

wizard form

Don’t worry, it won’t feel like homework. Not unless their homework involves magic wand selection, their ability to come up with a spell to make someone’s arms longer, or drawing magical creatures. And this is as fun for girls as it is for boys. Anyone can be a wizard.

Ready to hire a wizard? Download Wonderbly’s official Wizard Assessment Form. Now when someone says “And what’s your name, little one?” they’ll have a pretty surprising response.


If you like to surprise and delight children you’ll definitely enjoy our personalized children’s book, The Little Boy/Girl Who Lost Their Name. Just enter a name and POOF! you’ve created a story based on its letters.  And if their name has a W in it, they might just meet our Wizard…

Download assessment form