10 reasons why this is the best Christmas gift for kids

christmas wishes book

At Wonderbly, we make wondrous personalized books for children we hope they’ll love for… well, forever. You see, we think the best gifts you can give a child are the ones you never throw away. Like compassion, friendship, joy and wonder.

In our new Christmas book – Christmas Wishes For You – you can give a child all of these things (and more!), wrapped up in a fantastically festive story. Find out why it’s the best non-throwaway gift you can buy this year.

Make your book

1. It contains four important gifts that last longer than any gadget

Forget plastic toys or throwaway gadgets. In this Christmas book, choose four things to guide a child through the whole of their life – from Compassion and Adventure, to Strength, Friendship, Wisdom, Joy, Patience, Wonder and Laughter.

2. It’s made specially for your child (or grandchild, or niece, or nephew…)

All you need to do is add a child’s name and choose their very own illustrated character, and we’ll magically weave them throughout the story. Personalised from front cover, to the final page.

3. You can leave a heart-warming dedication message (for free!)

So every time a child opens up their book, they’ll be reminded of just how much you love them – even when you can’t be there in person.

4. It’s perfect keepsake to read together every Christmas

With a story and illustrations that transport you directly to a wintry wonderland, we’re sure this book will become a steadfast tradition. And a great way to kick off festivities on Christmas Eve!

5. $1 from every book sale goes to Make-A-Wish® UK

We’re over-the-moon to be supporting the Make-A-Wish Foundation this year. So when you buy Christmas Wishes For You, we’ll donate $1 to help make life-changing wishes come true for a child with a critical illness.

Make your book

6. It teaches children the true spirit of Christmas

The message running throughout the book is especially important for kids today: that it’s not just about the gifts and presents you get on the day. It’s how you live your life and treat others on every day of the year.

7. It couldn’t be any more Christmassy if it tried

We’ve taken inspiration from all the classics – the Nutcracker, the Snowman, the Night Before Christmas, and more. The result is a tale full of traditional holiday goodies, guaranteed to make you feel all snuggly inside.

8. We make top-notch quality books to last many years

Trust us: the Wonderbly book-making elves are sticklers for quality. Each personalized book is printed on thick, luxurious paper, and is available in sturdy hardcover to survive many shared reading sessions.

9. It’s better for the environment than a plastic toy

Our books are printed on paper that’s been responsibly sourced from sustainable forests. So they’re good for our wondrous planet, too.

10. It’s guaranteed to create an unforgettable moment of wonder

Nothing beats the moment when a child realizes this Christmas story is all about them, and how much they’re loved. And we believe that’s the most precious gift of all.