10 mind-boggling secrets from our spectacular new book

where are you 2 journey through time book

We love reading. And we believe every child deserves to love reading too. So we set out to make the most mind-blowing, imaginative, epic, hilarious children’s book in the world. Ever.

It’s called Where Are You…? The Journey Through Time. And it’s not just any old book. Oh no! It’s crammed full of secret superpowers and hidden surprises that’ll keep children (and grown-ups!) immersed for hours. Keep reading to reveal exactly how you make a book kids can’t put down…

Make your book

1. Pack it with impossible personalisation

All you need to do is add a child’s name and choose their character, and we’ll turn them into a time-travelling secret agent with five undercover disguises. Their name is on the front cover and throughout the book – so they’ll really believe the story’s all about them.

2. Send them back in time to party with dinosaurs

A mysterious time machine takes your child to five different time periods – including a rather groovy prehistoric world populated with dinosaurs, Neanderthals and even cave-painting aliens. Every dinosaur-lover’s dream.

3. Put them slap-bang in the middle of the story

As well as travelling back in time to rock out with dinosaurs, your child gets to party with Romans, become enlightened during the Renaissance, make discoveries in the Steam Age and get eco-friendly in the future.

4. Show a child they’ve got what it takes to make history

Underlying the whole book is an inspiring message of self-belief for a child. None of us knows what the future holds. But one thing’s for sure: they have the power to make history. Exactly how is up to them.

5. Give them a gazillion things to spot

Each dazzling page is stuffed to the brim with visual jokes, characters and curiosities. Can they find the skateboarding triceratops? Thomas Edison inventing the lightbulb? The talking pickles? Plus a whopping 75 search-and-find challenges.

Make your book

6. Sneak in things for grown-ups to giggle at

Because let’s face it… if you’re reading a child’s favourite book with them every night, you want to enjoy it too! Keep an eye out for the Game of Thrones reference, cryptocurrency and the surprising origin of the Mona Lisa painting.

7. Secretly get them learning about history

Can they find Archimedes in his bath? Can they crack the code of the Knights of Templar? By making history fun, kids won’t even realise they’re learning. (Beware: the time machine has been known to produce some unusual historical anomalies…)

8. Add an evil pigeon mastermind

Oh – have we not mentioned Professor Columbus? He’s the whole reason this book exists! He’s a time-travelling pigeon intent on scuppering humankind’s greatest achievements. Which is why your child must go back in time to stop him.

9. Make them feel like a real secret agent

At the end of the book, when your child has successfully completed their missions, they’ll get a very special personalised commendation from S.Q.U.I.D. – the Special Quantum Unit for Interdimensional Disturbances.

10. Dazzle them with deliciously detailed drawings

Each double-page spread takes our illustrator Marija over 160 hours to draw… meaning this book took literally thousands of hours to craft! We very much hope you enjoy the result: a gorgeous, vibrant, colourful feast for the eyes.

Make your book

Can’t get enough? There’s a whole other book!

This book’s actually a sequel to our original worldwide bestseller Where Are You…? In that adventure, a child travels across six alternative universes to spot different versions of themselves. Get 25% off when you buy the bundle – for hours and hours of fun. Just add both books yo your basket, and use the code WHERE.
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