Father’s day gifts – 9 reasons why personalised books are best!

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Hooray for dads! They’ve got it all: lightning-fast nose-wiping skills, a flaming good barbeque technique, and a whole host of silly voices at storytime. But this Father’s Day there’s one thing they really don’t need: the same old gift.

That’s where a personalized book can save the day. With a little help from your little one, you can create a Father’s Day gift that’s as unique as their daddy – and just as thoughtful at falling asleep in front of the TV.

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Here are some dad-tastic Father’s Day gift ideas that are packed with personalization, to help make his day feel extra special. But how does a personalized book make dad’s day, we hear you ask? All will be revealed!

1. They tug on his heartstrings

What dad doesn’t want to see his name in print? Personalized touches make a Father’s Day gift extra meaningful – and that’s a fact! Creating a personalized book especially for your dad, daddy, or papa will make him feel special and loved on Father’s Day, and every day after.

2. They last a lifetime

Last a lifetime

Socks get holes. Novelty ties get worn once. And craft beer gets drunk pretty quickly on Father’s Day. But a personalized Father’s Day gift is a keepsake that dad will treasure forever. It’s certain to earn a place in dad’s special drawer – and his heart.

3. They’re one in a million (just like dad!)

03_One in a Million

It only takes a few minutes to create a totally unique, personalized story that’ll mean the world to dad. And you can show him that thoughtfulness runs in the family, with a personalized dedication from your little one.

Not sure which personalized book will make the best gift for dad? We can help!

Trying to decide between a story that tugs on his heartstrings, or tickles his funny bone? Here’s everything you need to know about our personalized books for dads, so you can give him the best Father’s Day gift from your kids this year.

I Love You Daddy

The personalized book that celebrates the special bond between daddy and child.

3 reasons why it’s heart-meltingly perfect for:

  • Their first Father’s Day. There’s no better gift to celebrate Father’s Day for first-time dads, and remind them just how much they’re loved.
  • Making dads cry. The heartfelt message from his little one is sure to make every dad well up (in a happy way!)
  • Dads with kids aged 0 – 3. There’s no sweeter storytime than daddy and little one snuggled together, reading his Father’s day gift from baby.

You’re The Best Dad Ever

The personalized book that champions your dad for being… your dad!

Best day ever

3 reasons why it’s rib-tickling perfect for:

  • Seasoned dads. If it’s not dad’s first Father’s Day rodeo, surprise him with a gift he’ll never expect, and won’t be able to put down. Beats a pair of socks any day.
  • Making dads laugh. Packed with hidden jokes and hilarious puns, dads will be in stitches from the first page to the last!
  • Dads with multiple kids. Add every sibling’s name into the story for an instant family favorite. It’s the ideal gift from everyone to one very special dad.

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