5 Valentine’s Day gifts that are as unique as your love

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Let’s face it, Valentine’s Day can be a tad predictable. Red roses, chocolates and candlelit dinners are fun, but will they REALLY tickle the fancy of your favorite human? We think each love is utterly individual, and a gift from the heart should reflect that. That’s why we have created five unique books that can be personalized to show the object of your affection exactly why they give you butterflies. Each of these heartfelt gifts can be made in a heartbeat and will be treasured forever as a keepsake of love.

1. You Are The Best Husband/Wife Ever

best ever husband/wife book

Best for: Love so special you put a ring on it

A hilarious, heartfelt celebration of what makes your wife or husband the very best, ever! Whether they’ve got the best jokes, or know exactly how to fix that dodgy internet, this book can be personalized with all those special traits that made them marriage material. Guaranteed to get them gooey-eyed this Valentine’s Day.

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2. Ten Reasons I Love You

ten reasons i love you book

Best for:  When saying ‘I love you’ just isn’t enough

Let me count the ways… Show your sweetheart not one, not two but ten different reasons why you adore them. From the best gift they ever gave you, to that weird thing they do which always make you laugh, this book is full of heartwarming details that will have them giggling, crying and hopefully, smooching (you).

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3. If You Were A Sandwich

if you were a sandwich book

Best for: Celebrating your favorite pal!

Mates, pals, friends, buddies. That person who knows you inside out and can make you cry with laughter with just one look. Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to shower your bestie with love, and this personalized book is a hilarious way to celebrate all the things that make them unique. Whether your friend is more of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich or a croque monsieur, you get to choose objects, animals, food and more, to illustrate just how well you know and love them!

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4. I Love You This Much

ILY valentine book

Best for: Telling your little ones how much they’re adored!

The love you have for your child is the most precious love of all, and Valentine’s Day is a wonderful moment to show them how much they’re cherished. This sweet, rhyming tale is personalized throughout with their name and character, meaning they’ll feel toe-tinglingly special and loved. A read-aloud story for bedtime bonding.

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5. I Love Mummy/Daddy This Much

i love daddy book

Best for: A Valentine’s from you and your child

Show a mum or dad how HUGELY they’re loved by their children. Add up to four kids’ names and watch as they star in this heartwarming story, telling mummy or daddy how they are loved more than splashing in puddles and even more than toast. The perfect gift to cherish that cozy, cuddly, family love.

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