Girl (Super) Power!

Four ways our fabulous new superhero story is female-friendly

Traditionally, the superhero genre has been a very boy-focussed affair. Strength triumphs, muscle is on display, shoulders are broad – and underpants are worn on the outside (no, we don’t know why either).

Anyway, here at Wonderbly we’re tearing up the superhero rulebook, with our own take on the genre – and it’s definitely not a boys-only book!


SLAM! Natalie Riess, an exceptionally talented (and very, very nice) writer/illustrator in the States, wrote and drew the book. Coming from a female perspective, we feel that the lazier, more predictable superhero stereotypes have been avoided.


KAPOW! The range of superpowers on offer aren’t just Strength, Might, Muscle, or variations on the theme. No, we offer the awesome, unbeatable force of… Caring! Or being Smart! Which means girls, just as much as boys, can find something relatable in their super alter-ego.


WHAM! In most superhero stories, the arch villain is defeated by muscle and strength. But in The Power Within, the baddie is defeated by… SPOILER ALERT… reasoning, and an appeal to their better nature. Emotional intelligence 1, Brute force 0!


KABLAMMO! The arch villain in our story is a woman. Okay, that might not immediately sound overly female-friendly, but she’s a strong character, a scientist, enormous fun and anyway, she sees the error of her ways at the end.


Find your girl power here: