7 hidden surprises that make this the perfect kids’ birthday gift

And so say all of us

Wait a second – did someone say BIRTHDAY? Only the most exciting event in the whole wide world! There’s cake, and piles of presents, and cake, and a bunch of your favourite people all in one place. We’re bouncing up and down just thinking about it.

So we decided to make a new book all about this momentous occasion, where the story magically changes based on a kid’s birth date. And to show you why it’s an unforgettable present for any little one, we’ve unwrapped a corner. Just the corner, we promise…

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1. Your child will meet a different Moon Maker dependent on the day they were born

Birthday Thief Moon Makers image

In the story, the child visits the Moon Makers: 31 hardworking aliens who rebuild the moon each month once it’s waned to a sliver. Your little one meets whichever Moon Maker matches their birth date. (Will it be the Orbit Expert, the Moon Face-Painter, the Head Astronomer?) They also teach kids about teamwork, that everyone plays a part in making the world go round. No job is too big or too small. Or too dusty.

2. …and different characters depending on the monththey were born

personalised birthday month characters

Characters from Months’ Court help your little one on their birthday hunt. Its rather eccentric residents include Queen January, Lord June, Colonel March and Lady April. And their brand new friend pops up again at the very end of the story – on a personalised birthday card for all to admire.

3. They’ll spot themselves everywhere

As with all our books, you choose a hero character that looks most like the child you’re buying for. Your little one will spot themselves, and their trusty party hat, in even the tiniest illustrations.

4. It shows them important things about growing up

When the hero character (your little one) meets the Birthday Thief, they helpfully explain that birthdays aren’t what make you older, but rather “it’s all the days between which help you learn and play and grow”. Wise words indeed. Particularly when most people you meet are a gazillion years older than you.

5. It’s a super-fun way for kids to learn their birth date

In the cave of giant candles, the wizard encourages your little reader to point to the ones that make up their birth year. A game of spot-the-numbers that will help them store it away in their memory box.

6. The little details will make their day

The Birthday Thief is basically a real, actual birthday disguised as a book. Which means there’s bunting with your kid’s name on it, and a big birthday card made especially for them – featuring the new friends they’ve met.

7. There’s a heartwarming message, written by you

When you create their book, you can add an extra special birthday message which we’ll print at the start of the story. Tell your little one how much they mean to you and how stupendously lovely they are. Not counting the time they dressed up your dog / threw up on your jacket.

Create their very own happy birthday adventure

In just a few clicks you can make a gift they’ll treasure for birthdays and birthdays to come. And you know what they say: there’s no time like the present.

The birthday thief book surrounding by presents