How We Found Each Other: Funso & Pedro

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Real couples share their stories about how they met. This week, we talk to Funso and Pedro, who met on Instagram.

“Our first date was in Aldi.”

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“So how did you meet?”

Funso: On Instagram!

Pedro: I’m a founder of a magazine and of a collective. Around that time, we were trying to highlight 20 Black creatives under 5K on Instagram. And Funso is the founder of an art platform that exhibits art by black women and brown women.

Funso: I was making videos last summer, and Pedro came across them and wanted to interview me for his magazine. And then a few months later when lockdown had started, I went and meet him for the interview. Afterwards we started talking, and that’s kinda how it went!

Who made the first move?

Pedro: That was me. And she accepted. Like I purely just genuinely wanted to have the interview, but then when I saw her in person… obviously you see, she was very beautiful!

Any awkward moments?

Pedro: The fact that we couldn’t go out on a date for a long time.

Funso: Like our first dates were in Aldi, walking the aisles! Because there was nothing open.

When did you know they were the one?

Pedro: I knew it straight away. I was single for four years, and I didn’t want to settle for anybody. Obviously, everybody can appreciate a beautiful face, that’s nice. But it’s about values. The things that I love and believe in as a human being. That to me is more attractive. And now I have it! Obviously, no relationship is perfect. Whoever says that is just lying. Movies and books, and Prince Charming, it’s not real. It’s all about relationship loving and staying committed day by day. A lot of people think everything has to be perfect. Everything’s gonna be great. Every single day. That’s not how human beings work, so that’s what I love. Ups and downs. So stay committed.

Funso: I knew when I was sitting down for the interview. I’m someone that doesn’t really go out with guys. But when we were sitting down, he was like “Are you open to dating?” And I suddenly felt ready.

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What’s the craziest decision you’ve ever made together?

Pedro: Oh, to live together four months after we met each other.

Funso: I’ve never lived with a partner and neither had he. And then we had the language barrier, so we really had to focus on the loving!

Pedro: It wasn’t just the language barrier, it was also communicating differently. I was raised in Spain but I’ve got a very African background and education. You know, I was raised and educated with tough love. Whereas here life is all polite. So it was something we had to work out!

Who is the funniest?

Pedro: Funso! Well, she says it’s her. I think it’s a cultural thing. I feel like we are funny in different ways. You guys have a very British, sense of humour. She is witty and ironic. And my sense of humour is weirder.

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Who is the most adventurous?

*Both point to each other*

Funso: I think he is! Actually, I did just book a trip – oh I didn’t tell you this… (laughs)

Pedro: What?

Funso: I just booked a trip to Sweden in January, for Black Friday. Literally like an hour ago.

What relationship would you give to your younger selves?

Funso: Don’t pay too much attention to what happens in the media, or to this romanticised idea of love. Not everything is going to be romantic, and you’re not going to be happy all the time. When different people come together, you have to learn how to be with one another and find love together.

Pedro: I agree. I preach that every single day. Love is nice and having feelings for the other person is nice. But when you meet somebody that you can build something with… focus on that first. Especially at the early stages of the relationship. You have to think long term and think: is this gonna be important in ten years?

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