Make your own technicolour unicorn porridge

Breakfast: the most important meal of the day. Even for unicorns.

What do unicorns eat for breakfast? Well, we don’t actually know. But we’d be willing to bet they’d go wild for a bowl of our technicolour unicorn porridge. It’s made with scrumptious oats and packed with fruit. The perfect unicorn food for a thoroughly magical day.

You’ll need:

Porridge oats
Food dye
Dessicated coconut (optional)
Bananas, strawberries and blueberries
A hungry child

Unicorn porridge

Unicorn Porridge_blogStep 1
Cook up a batch of porridge. How much? That depends on how many unicorns you’re feeding. Totally oat-some!

Unicorn Porridge_blog
Step 2
Divide your porridge mixture into four bowls. Then add a a couple of drops of different colour food dye to each bowl and mix well. It should make a delicious pastel shade, fit for the finest unicorn.

Unicorn Porridge_blogStep 3
Add dollops of each different coloured porridge into a clean bowl and give it a little mix so the colours swirl together. But don’t mix it too much. Or you’ll get porridge in an appetising shade of… brown.

Unicorn Porridge_blogStep 4
It’s time to get creative! Slice up bananas and strawberries then cut shapes (we like stars and hearts) from the slices. Add a smattering of blueberries for extra colour.

Unicorn Porridge_blogStep 5
If you’re feeling extra fancy, you can colour some dessicated coconut using the same food dye, then sprinkle it on top. Behold: magical edible confetti!

Step 6
Ta da! It’s a breakfast fit for a unicorn. Or a unicorn-obsessed little one.