Power Pose Posters

Time for your morning exercises

A wild way to give kids a boost of confidence before going back to school

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Whether it’s the end of summer or your kids just have a bad case of the Mondays, a pre-school boost is probably needed. So with help from the animals in our first book, we came up with Power Poses – a series of posters for channeling some much-needed animal power! Think of them like yoga poses, if yoga was created by splendidly creative, odd, genius zookeeper.

It’s perfect for young children heading back to school. Need a bit of courage for that first Monday back? Do the Lion Roar. Does Thursday call for some extra energy? Perform the Lobster Solo (our Lobster plays bongos, obviously). And grownups, please join in.

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There are five poses for you to do together. Great for getting the kids ready to face the day (and who knows, maybe prepare you for that five-hour conference call). It’s also fun to do grownup-child ‘pose-offs’ – frog versus frog. Eagle versus eagle. Whose leap reigns supreme?

Each poster has easy-to-follow steps and illustrations. Just print them off and channel those animals. Growl! Roar! Ribbit.

Lion power pose

Frog, Eagle, Lion, Dragon and Lobster are characters from our personalised picture book, The Little Girl/Boy Who Lost Their Name. Just enter a child’s name and create an adventure based on its letters. Try it for yourself by following the link below.

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