The Pirate Aaaarlympics

Three rip-roaring pirate party games for aspiring swashbucklers. Time to load those starting cannons!

Enchanted Ketchup magic trick

An amazingly simple magic trick where you will learn how to control a ketchup packet with your mind...

Jester Jokes

A free back to school activity that is sure to make a child smile. Simply print our Jester jokes and tuck them into a school book or bag!

Mermaid assessment form

Part of our ‘Fantastic Futures’ series, giving you a hilariously fun way to interview kids for fantastical jobs.

Party animals photo props

In search of a kids' birthday party activity? These party animal photo props are sure to get the kids monkeying around!

Banana Impossible magic trick

Amaze a child with nothing but a banana and a needle. Enough chatter, enjoy the video!

Gravity Slice magic trick

An out-of-this-world trick that gives children the power to stop gravity!

Give a child a fairy pen pal

Give a child you know the gift of a fairy pen pal with this splendidly fun activity.

Power Pose Posters

Free posters that get kids (and grownups) leaping about the home to prepare for school (and work).

The Great Summer Rocket Race

Head outside for the most intergalactic (and splashy) fun you can have without leaving the ground.