9 magical morals your kids can learn from 2016’s best-selling picture book

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People (a whopping 2.5 million of them!) love our first personalized children’s book, The Little Boy or Girl Who Lost Their Name, because it makes every child feel splendidly special. But there are bigger life lessons on every page, with each character giving your child a positive message. Here are some of our favorites.

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1. Do your best with whatever you’re given

Image of lobster

Lobster’s desperate to play piano. The only problem is that he’s got two claws – and absolutely no fingers. Zero! Zilch! When our adventurer suggests he plays the drums instead, lobster turns out to be quite the natural. It shows your little one that even though they can’t do absolutely everything, their weaknesses might turn out to be a secret superpower in disguise.

2. Be brave

Image of Alligator

Alligator has something stuck in his tooth…and asks your child to fish it out. At first, your intrepid adventurer is more than a little concerned about sticking their hand in an alligator’s mouth. (We would be, too.) But lo and behold – it turns out that Alligator is a vegan who only eats certified organic food. So the next time your little one has to do something that’s a little scary, they’ll remember the time they put their hand in an alligator’s mouth. And they’ll know they’re going to be okay.

3. See the best in people

Image of Tarantula

People tend to think tarantulas are scary and rather dangerous. Not to mention having eight (eight!) hairy legs. In the book, your child decides to look beyond a lonely tarantula’s appearance, and become its friend…and they end up having the most spectacularly fun time ever! It teaches your little one that if you try to see the best in people, then they might just surprise you.

4. Follow your dreams

Image of Viking

Vikings can be big, tough and, well, pretty frightening. But not all of them. The viking in our book just wants to bake! Cakes, cobs, ciabattas…you name it, he’ll bake it. This story shows kids that it’s absolutely, 100% okay to be who you want to be. No matter what anyone else thinks.

5. One child’s trash is another child’s treasure

Image of Fox

Foxes get a bad rap as scavengers and ne’er-do-wells. Skulking around the neighbourhood, rifling through your bins. But the fox in our book is a fearless eco-warrior who just wants people to recycle. She even gets hold of an old shoe and upcycles it into a home for a baby skunk! It shows that there’s no shame in thinking that someone else might need something you don’t. Aw.

6. Anyone can achieve great things

Image of Donkey

Donkey is depressed because he’s not as noble as some of his ride-giving contemporaries. Like a horse. Or an elephant. But our downhearted donkey quickly cheers up when your child asks him for a ride, and realises that he’s actually a pretty marvellous way of getting around. It shows your little one that even if they’re not as big, or strong, or clever as other people, they can still achieve wonderful things. And that they don’t have to be born into nobility to be noble.

7. Find your true self

Image of Hedgehog

When our hedgehog first appears on the page, she doesn’t know she’s a hedgehog. She’s so covered in leaves that she’s lost her identity and only recognises herself as a ‘thing’. Your little one helps to remove the leaves stuck to her spikes, revealing what’s underneath – a beautiful (and distinctly prickly) hedgehog. It’ll teach your child that even though there might be moments in life when they can’t see what makes them special, they’re still unique underneath.

8. Stay positive

Image of Robot

Sometimes things don’t go your way, and it’s easy to get down in the dumps. That’s certainly the case for Robot, who feels like he’s falling apart and destined for the scrapheap. But your child soon invigorates him with a splash of oil and a few motivational words. It shows kids that sometimes you just need to stay positive and remember that problems that feel really big can be solved more simply than you might think.

9. Everyone needs a good friend

Image of Squid

We all get in a bit of a mess every now and then. And that’s certainly the case for Squid, whose tentacles have become tangled while she uses them to count to ten. But with the help of your child, she’s soon free to swim freely again! It shows your little one that it’s easier to tackle something tricky when you have a good friend nearby who can help if you get in a bit of a pickle.

Even more stories to be told

These are just a handful of lessons that can be learned from our best-selling kids’ book. There are many more colorful characters, each with their own story, that can be met along the way (47 to be precise!). Find out which characters your child could meet by entering their name below.