7 wonderful ways to make storytimes more magical


So good they sent it to space

Tim Peake reading The incredible Intergalactic Journey Home

This is the intrepid British astronaut, Tim Peake. He’s aboard the International Space Station and holding what is being called ‘the most high-tech kid’s book in the galaxy.’

It’s called The Incredible Intergalactic Journey Home and it’s taken personalisation to astronomical new heights… Here are seven reasons why:

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1. It has an ACTUAL satellite image of your child’s neighbourhood in the story

a satelite image from the journey home book

This is an adventure about your child trying to get home from space. To make this even more believable, they’ll whizz over their actual neighbourhood and even be able to spot their house. When you create your book, you can move the map to put their home in the centre of the page.

2. An algorithm generates their name out of a constellation of stars

Name in the stars

That’s right, your child’s name will quite literally be written in the stars. THOUSANDS of stars. It took three engineers two whole months to perfect this technology so every child could feel cosmically special.

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3. Your kid’s spaceship will have their own national flag on it

Spaceships from around the world

Their country’s flag appears on the ship throughout the story with incredible attention to detail. It’ll help make children around the world believe that they too can be astronauts.

4. The intrepid astronaut can be changed to look like your child

This might not be the most technologically advanced item in the list, but it’s pretty important. And a huge amount of time went into streamlining the creation process. We’re especially excited about representing young girls in a space story.

5. They’ll zoom past landmarks that are local to them

a giphy from pages within the book

There are 190 different landmarks in the system. Young Parisians whoosh past the Eiffel Tower, little Londoners see Big Ben, and so on. And smaller cities get their own loved landmarks too. This is just another of the multitude of clever features that happen magically just by entering the child’s address to create their adventure.

6. Even the terminal in their spacecraft displays their home town

Kids will feel like this story – and this spacecraft! – could only be theirs. Their spaceship, their flag, on a journey to their own home. It’s this kind of beautifully integrated visual personalisation that sets this book apart.

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7. Their street sign and even house number are woven into the illustrations

The street signs vary in design according to the country the child is from. Again, all this is triggered simply by entering the address once. By the time your little one arrives home, they’ll really feel like they’ve been on an incredible, personal adventure.

So that’s why this book was sent to space. Best of all? You can make one for your kid right now: